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Friday, October 14, 2011

Psoriasis, mold and candida

Jeremiah is my husband (you've seen him in "The Perfect Push Up" pictures.  He is sweet, wonderful, handsome and funny.  He is devoted to his family and wife, he works hard and he is covered in Psoriasis.  Normally, his Psoriasis subsides in the summer time sun.  This year year it aggressively persisted and brought with it unrelievable body aches and a few other issues.  Before he went back to the dermatologist who would send him to a rhumatologist to determine if he has Psoriatic Arthritis we decided to see what Dave the Naturopath had to say.  It was an expensive visit, but we made the choice to try this first instead of subjecting his body to more tests and his immune system to the only thing that brings the Psoriasis and arthritis into submission:  immune suppressing drugs.  I asked him if he would tell his story here so we could follow along with him for a few weeks.  Here is the whole story, in his words:

What did the Naturopath have to say (what was your "diagnosis")?
I have a mold issue that has spread through my blood stream and digestive system.  Dave called it a chronic infection that wasn't bacterial or viral but fungal.  That infection messes with my stomach acid production and means I am not able to break down food properly.

It also means I am not getting all the nutrients needed for energy, to fight off being sick.  Mold in my bloodstream was considered by my body to be a chronic infection.  That helped my psoriasis get out of control and stay out of control.

What is your treatment?
Dave did the acupressure test to see what supplements would get rid of the mold and yeast problems and increase my stomach acid.  In addition to the supplements, I have to change my diet for the next two months to exclude grain, yeast, sugar, beans, potatoes, and bananas.  He said I should eat breakfast.  A smoothie with protein would be an easy option.  He said I should stay away from processed cheese and try to have a 4:1 acid base balance. (Yikes!  How am I supposed to cook with out beans and potatoes??????)

One week later, how are you feeling?
For the first few days, no real change.  Just hungry and a little bit grumpy!  But today I woke up with more energy, generally feeling better.  My brain seems sharper and I have less joint aches.  I am especially thinking more quickly.  My Psoriasis seems to have stopped spreading.

So that is how it is going so far!  As much as possible, I will keep you posted once a week.

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