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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Perfect Push Up

The Perfect Pushup. It can help hold you tight and keep you firm (without spending all kinds of money on a fancy bra!). Pushups not only strengthen your biceps and triceps, but chest, upper back, lower back and abdomen. When these muscles are strong, good posture is possible, breathing is more effective, and stress is easier to shed. Push ups require little equipment or time, and a few repetitions reap great benefits. A key tip, is that three perfect pushups, with the belly button pulled in and body held straight are more powerful that 30 sloppy, quick, out of control pushups. Here is how to do them right.

Choose the kind of pushup you will do. Here we will discuss basic and modified, but once you master these, the varieties of pushups become endless.

This is the starting position for the basic pushup.
Arms are extended fully, and there is a straight line from shoulders to ankles. No peaks (keep your butt down) and no valleys (don't allow your hips to sag towards the floor).

Slowly, in a controlled motion, lower the body to the floor until biceps and triceps are parallel to the ground. Slowly, push back up to start. To help with the timing and th "slow, controlled" part, exhale as you push up and inhale as you lower towards the ground.

A modified pushup is done just the same, and is a fantastic way to build strength. Never be ashamed to modify a pushup. Remember, three perfectly executed pushups are more effective than 30 sloppy, out of control pushups. If perfection means modification-go for it!

Slowly lower to the ground, until just parallel and then raise back up, abs held in tight, gluts tight, too.
Congratulations! You have done a perfect pushup...Now drop and give many as you can, several times per day!


Deandra said...

Awesome, thanks for the reminder. I will do a few, a few times a day!

LIFE in POTS said...

Hot Jeremiah :)

Tammy said...

Wowee....Jeremiah is quite the stud.