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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sugar Surprise!

Protein is bad for you.
Fat is bad for you.
Carbohydrates are bad for you.

We’ve heard it all, and been turned on and off food groups repeatedly. But the truth is no one food group is good or bad. As long as we know what we are eating, and making educated choices, no food is off limits or one that we should avoid. Again, as long as we know what we are consuming. Here are some sneaky beverages that are some of the worst offenders in the nation, brining in a surprising amount of sugar and other bombshells. Check them out-more surprises on Wednesday.

-Snapple Agave Melon Antioxidant Water...Trying to refresh yourself after a long hot day, with a nice, antioxidant filled water? For a drink that is called “water”, there are certainly a lot of extra ingredients on the label. Sure, there are a few extra vitamins, but it will cost a lot of money for all of that sugared up syrup water. Remember, when you buy water, the ingredient list should just say “water” with 0 calories. This bottle contains 150 calories and the sugar content makes it the equivalent of 2 Good Humor Chocolate Éclair Bars!

-A large Triple Thick Chocolate Shake from McDonald’s has the sugar content of 13 Baked Hot Apple Pies. It also packs a punishing punch with more than half of your day’s calorie and saturated fat budget.
P.S. This tasty treat is also chuck full of trans fats! Yikes!!!

-Jonesing a good doughnut? For the sugar content found in Dairy Queen’s Caramel MooLatte, you might as well eat 12 Bavarian Kreme Doughnuts. 24 ounces has 24 grams of fat and 870 calories. Just a few of these and you will be a MooLatte!

-Love to give the kids in your life Tropicana Juices? Don’t be fooled by the Tropical Fruit Fury Twister. One bottle has 340 calories and is the sugar equivilant of two 7 ounce canisters of Reddi-wip! You could save the kiddos 200 calories and toss them a can of Pepsi…or pure, 100% fruit juice.

-Adore an icy cold orange soda? Twenty ounces of Sunkist packs the sugar equivalent of 6 Breyers Oreo ice Cream Sandwiches. All soda pops are heavy hitters when it comes to sugar content, this one also happens to be a double whammy with yellow 6 and red 40, chemicals that are linked to behavioral and concentration issues in kids.

Lessons for today? Don’t let anything sneak under your radar (no matter how tasty the temptation). Always know what you are consuming! More surprises on Wednesday!


Kayla said...

I am absolutely disgusted!

Anonymous said...

you should really do some free seminars at schools and libraries!

then maybe lots of paying gigs will come a knockin'...!

one lady came to our library and did a Chalk Art demo last year for free, and now she's getting paid $300 a pop to do this at you never know!