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Monday, August 2, 2010

10 Healthy Choices for a Healthy Week

This is a really long list of new healthy behaviors to try in one week. Pick out one or two and try them out (don’t let the entire list overwhelm you!).

1. Use the entire egg. Skip the substitutes, and eat the yolk, the white and everything but the shell.

2. Pull your shoulder blades together and lift up through your chest. Take a few deep breaths this way. Notice anything different? Most of us breathe improperly through out the day. Breathing this way should revive you and give you just a little kick of extra energy.

3. Pull your belly button in to make life a core exercise. Don’t just suck in, engage your muscles.

4. Use measuring cups to measure out your portions for one meal this week. How does it compare to what you normally eat?

5. Take the time to plan one fun winter time activity. Incorporate friends, pets or anything that might provide a good mental outlook on the winter time.

6. Forgot to pack your lunch today? Skip the drive through and head to the grocery store deli. Make sensible choices and portions sizes rounded off with a bottle of water and a banana or kiwi. You can even add an Oreo if you made good choices!

7. Trying to loose weight? Substitute one tablespoon of mustard for one tablespoon of mayo and save 90 calories! Gotta have the mayo? Add a little dollop to your mustard, just for flavor.

8. Going on a walk with a toddler (or a dog who just has to sniff)? Let her walk at her own pace while you lunge along next to her. Every few minutes add in jumping jacks, knee raises or other activities to help you work harder during your walk.

9. Turn on the radio and dance! Don’t want anyone to see? Close the blinds, or make everyone smile and get them to join in. Dance moves don’t have to be super trendy-just moving is the key, and upping the silly factor can up the smile factor.

10. Make your bedroom a haven for sleeping and remove distractions like TV, laundry piles, paperwork or laptops. Place a notebook and a working pen near your bed so if something important pops into your mind you can write it down and forget it until morning (instead of trying to remember it all night long).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. These are easy to incorporate and simple to understand.