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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If You Live in Minnesota...

As summer time begins to fade into Back to School sales, you may be scratching your brain for fun, family activities. The Three Rivers Park District has your answer to keeping an active family together, relaxed and entertained on the cheap!

Three Rivers Park District is the only State Legislature designated park system in Minnesota and it boasts 27,000 acres of land, 200 miles of trails and more than 20 parks, including Crow-Hassan Park Reserve and the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve. There are dog and horse trails (so the whole family can play) picnic areas, mountain biking trails and just good, plain ol’ play areas! It is a great place to discover and learn together, from picnics and guided nature walks to canoeing and kayaking lessons and even spider hunts! You can even capture and tag Monarch Butterflies!

There are also many parks through out Minnesota (you don’t have to go out state or even up north) that feature water access, fishing and beaches, parks, forests and campgrounds-great ways to spend those heat indexed 105 degree days! You can challenge each other to photographic scavenger hunts, fly kites, collect leaves, identify different types of trees and just enjoy the great outdoors. Check out Wright County Parks for more information! Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray!

What does your state have? For more information, on a state by state basis, check out the National Park Services website.

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