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Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Remedies for the Simple Sickness

The economy is coming back. Yea! But many of us are still looking for natural at home remedies and any reason not to go to the doctor (especially during the summer!). So here are a few Dr. Robert Sears approved remedies that may surprise you. They may not keep you out of the doctor’s office in the end, but they won’t do any harm during the trial period either.

Trouble: Fever. Again. After sucking down bottles of Tylenol (either yourself or your child), you are just about ready to succumb to the achy-ness, pull the covers over your head and hope someone else makes dinner.

Treatment to Try: As long as you are under the covers and not due for another dose of fever reducer, cut up a small onion, put the onions in your socks and then put the stinky socks on your feet, with the cut side of the onion against the skin. Onions have anti-inflammatory powers and they can be released into the skin. The best news is that this can work for any age group in the family, including the youngest and the eldest, and the only side effect is the teary eyes that will come from cutting the onion.

Trouble: Ear Infection. As a child, these are painful. As an adult they are surprisingly excruciating. A lot of ear infections resolve themselves after time, and many health care providers are taking the wait-and-see approach to treatment of them. During the time you are waiting it out, try this old time treatment.

Treatment to Try: Put one cup of rock salt (think chemical free snow melt or ice cream maker salt) in a microwave safe bowl and heat it for two minutes. Then transfer the salt to a thick sock or other case and lay the infected ear down on the warm to the touch (not hot!) salt pillow. The heat will help speed circulation and the salt will help draw out the fluid, easing the pressure and pain.

Trouble: A yucky cold that keeps everyone in the house from sleeping. It’s not worth a trip to the doctor, but sweet relief would mean sweet dreams.

Treatment to Try: Vicks VapoRub is great on the chest, but not always the best option. Try rubbing it in on the bottom of the cold sufferer’s feet, before pulling on socks and hitting the hay. The eucalyptus (also a good bug repellant) is a great sinus clear-er. Just remember to use child safe versions when the baby is sick, and steer clear of this Treatment to Try for anyone under 3 months old.
Have you tried one of these in the past? Do you have other natural remedies for your children or yourself? Leave them in the comments section, so we can give them a whirl!

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