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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 Healthy Tips for a Healthy Week

This is a really long list of new healthy behaviors to try in one week. Pick out one or two and try them out (don’t let the entire list overwhelm you!).

1. Fall color is at its incredible peak this week in many regions of the country. Get out around the neighborhood, hike through the woods and don’t forget your camera.

2. No time to exercise today? Fit in small bites on commercial breaks while you watch TV. Pushups, sit ups, plank, and jumping jacks don’t take up much room or require equipment but are very effective in short amounts of time.

3. Set up an “In case of Emergency Plan”. Whether it is what you will do during a hurricane or severe storm, what will happen in case of a fire or who will feed the cat if you are hospitalized write it all down, add copies of important documents, put it in a safe place and make sure that those whom you will depend on have a copy of it.

4. Don’t cheat during your next workout. Commit to it completely. Remember you can only be in one place at one time, so make sure all of your energy goes into that workout. That way you will have an effective workout and be refreshed to face the other matters at hand when you are done.

5. Try out a new kind of apple. A few new varieties available are Honey crisp, Regent, Honey Gold and the gold old Haralson. Even if you don’t like apples, you may be pleasantly surprised by one of these varieties.

6. Having a hard time fitting in exercise, or finding the motivation? Try out a pedometer, and aim to increase your step count every day. You don’t need anything fancy, just something that counts steps.

7. Take steps to relieve a stressor in your life. Consider therapy, saving a small amount of money towards it, or just talking it out with a good friend or spouse. Even the smallest step towards relief can make a difference.

8. Make a resolution to take the stairs instead of the elevator for the rest of the day, the week or the month. Work on the 32nd floor? Take the stairs up a few flights and then hop in the elevator. Every little decision adds up to better health.

9. Got a craving? Is it because you are hungry, angry, lonely, sad, tired or bored? If it is for any other reason than hunger, put that snack back!

10. Got a trip coming up? Going to see family for the holidays? Make room in your bag for at least your walking shoes and at best your full workout gear. Don’t forget to make time to use it!

Remember, a healthy lifestyle is not going to choose you. It is not just going to happen. It is something to work for, to strive for and enjoy, day by day. It gets easier, but you still have to choose it and life an intentional life.

1 comment:

Kayla said...

Love what you had to say at the very bottom of your post! Also, I was really excited when I read your reminder of "you can only be in one place at one time." This always helped me SO much when I was taking your yoga class. It's so true and such a good way to keep focused completely on what you are doing and give it your all. It has really helped me too other times in life besides just working out. I've always loved it! Thanks for sharing!