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Monday, March 22, 2010

Working Out at Home: The Tools

Don't want to fork over the bucks for dumbbells, treadmills and vibration plates?

Don't have the time, energy or oomph to get to the gym, but still want to make the healthy choice? Maybe you already invested in great tools, but you are tired of using them.

Turns out, your not alone! There have been several requests for work out at home ideas. Working out ideas for when the kids are asleep (during naps or for the night), ideas to use when the TV or computer is on or before a long day of work starts.

Today you will find a list of tools to gather from through out the house. Throw them in a laundry basket or box that you can shove in a closet or under the bed or desk. Put the box out of site, but never let it be far from your mind.

Today, we gather the tools. Wednesday, we work out (after the contest winner is announced of course)!

Don't forget, if you have any injuries or health concerns, please check in with your health care provider before you start any exercise program!

Here is a list of things you will need:

Weights. Chances are, you have a few of these things around your house already. If free weights, dumbbells and resistance cords are available, make use of them. If not, look around and see what you can find. Nonbreakable containers are the best, and those with screw on or unopened lids are highly desired. A gallon container filled with water is about 7 pounds. If that is to heavy, fill the container to a weight that works for you. If that is too light, fill it with sand. Don't forget about laundry detergent bottles, cans of vegetables and bottles with necks. Most will have the weight listed on the container, but if in doubt, put it on the scale. In the end, the weight in the container isn't that important. The important thing is that you are making the choice to exercise, so find a challenging container with a comfortable handle and add it to the collection.

Space: Figure out just how far from the house you can get during nap time, or how comfortable you are outside in the dark. If the monitor only stretches to the end of the driveway, use chalk or spray paint to mark it into quarters. If the monitor reaches just down the street, mark that distance into quarters. A strait section of the backyard (or straight apartment hallway) would work well too, optimally about 90-100 feet. Just mark it into quarters with masking tape, chalk or paint.

There will be days when more time is available to grab the family and head out together. Rain coats, heavy jackets, hats and mittens might be necessary too, but remember the family that plays together, stays together (that includes husband and wife as well as parents, children and pets; improve your children's health by letting them see you exercise and participate occasionally).

Mat: You will need something to cushion your body as you lay on the floor. If carpet or rugs are an option, great. Otherwise, use the family's alphabet mat or invest in an exercise mat. Marshalls, TJ Max and other discount stores carry them frequently, so don't feel as if you have to purchase most expensive one out there. Just remember if you sweat on your kids mat, clean it off before you finish your workout.

Shoes: Shoes that fit well and are designed for exercise are essential for any kind of exercise done on your feet. Good shoes protect your back, joints and arches. Good shoes will help you to make the choice to exercise again.

Don't forget to use the cutest 25 pounds around:

Tools, check! Workout? Check back on Wednesday!

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