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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ten Healthy Choices for a Healthy Week

1. Wash your hands, often and well.

2. Pull your belly button in to make regular activities core muscle building exercises.

3. Put your cell phone in your backseat so you aren’t tempted to make unnecessary phone calls or text messages.

4. Find a locally grown source of meat or produce. Locally grown produce doesn’t spend as much time traveling and retains more nutrients. Locally produced meats are less likely to spend time in cramped spaces which increases the likely hood that the animal will have an infection. American grown produce and meats are also subjected too much stricter standards than other countries, especially pesticides and herbicides.

5. Clean out the fridge with a tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in a quart of warm water. Wipe down all of the interior surfaces.

6. Check your posture. Stand up against the wall and touch the heels, gluts, shoulder blades and head to the wall. Step away and breathe. This is what proper breathing feels like. If you aren’t getting in enough air through out the day it will leave you slow and sluggish, so make sure to check your posture daily, until it becomes a habit to stand, sit and drive this way.

7. Wash makeup brushes in soap, shampoo or hand sanitizer. Make sure they are thoroughly rinsed, shape, and allow it to dry before using it again. This is the best way to get rid of oil and bacteria that can build up on your brushes and be reapplied to your face every day (eww!). Clean AT LEAST once a month.

8. Schedule a face to face social interaction. No Facebook, Twitter or email allowed. Face to face meetings provide a connection that is lacking in the social media we use so frequently.

9. Sneak in an extra fruit or vegetable as a snack today. Remember, More Matters!

10. Choose a cereal that is high in fiber and low in sugar. Most people need a minimum of 25-38 grams of fiber per day, and a high fiber cereal is something like Kashi Go Lean with 8 grams. Just find a cereal you like and check the label. Put back anything with less than 3 grams of fiber. As for sugar, read the far right hand side of the label to make sure less than 25% of the calories come from sugar.


Julia said...

Thanks so much for this list of healthy choices! And they all seem really accomplishable (I think I just made that word up!)
And mine and my husband's favorite cereal is Kashi GoLean right now! Who knew fiber could be so tasty?!?!:)

Kayla said...

Thank you so much for the reminders about pulling in our belly buttons. I know it is such a simple way to work my core (which could always use some strengthening!) but I can't seem to remember it as I get going on my daily duties. I've really appreciated your reminders in this post and past posts because they bring my attention back to it and are making me more aware of my body and helping me to remember more and more to do this throughout my day. Thanks!