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Monday, January 23, 2012

Freshening up our bedroom-thank you Pinterest

I found a new recipe on Pinterest (does anyone else need a 12 step program for Pinterest?).  It is how to freshen, deodorize and remove all the ickiness that inhabit such places as mattresses.  Since I needed to wash the sheets today and wanted to try another "Pinspiration"--my new word, yes you are welcome, I went for it (after all, I do everything I pin, of course! ha!).

I drug the mattress out to the living room, carefully avoiding a small child, a toddler and a giant dog and got ready to sprinkle on the magic defunking powder.  Here is the recipe:

1 cup of baking soda (we keep a 10 pound bag around the house)
10 drops of essential oil (I use Texas Cedar Wood....dreamy and perfect for a bed)
-Whisk the two together and sprinkle all over the bed.  By the time your sheets are done washing and drying, you are supposed to be able to vacuumm the baking soda up off the bed and miracles will have happened.

This sounded great to me, because when we have any kind of bed wetting accident in our house, I just drop a cup of baking soda onto the wet spot, wait for the powder to soak up the odor and dampness and vacuum it up.  Viola!  No muss, no fuss.

What I didn't count on as I upholstered our box spring (my other Pinsperation-that word is totally going to catch on, remember, you read it here first!) was how gross the box spring would be.

Seriously, I started to sweat just looking at it.  I drug out the hand held vacuum to best avoid waking any sleeping children, dust cloths for the bed frame and got to work.  Let's just say I haven't gotten back to the vacuuming of the mattress yet.  But it sure is going to be sparkly, upholstered and dust free by the time I am done.

Be prepared people.  If you have never "freshened" your mattress before (we flip and rotate ours every couple of months, but apparently we missed a few things), you are in for a big surprise.  A gross one.  Good luck!

p.s.  Let's never speak of this again.  My cheeks are beet red-but I thought you might want the ideas for your own house.

1 comment:

KimDaniel said...

We just moved and it seems like the perfect time to try this out. I'm afraid. Thanks for the tip!