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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Outlaws, Arsenic and Apples

I am obsessed with food.

Totally, completetly obsessed with food.  Currently, it is my passion, my hobby and my family's wellfare.

So, um, I think about it a lot.  It makes it kind of hard to write a blog about being healthy when I am so singlemindedly focused (sorry!  it's all I want to write about, so sometimes I just don't write anything so I don't embarass myself).  But today, today I just can't help it.  And it may come out like gangbuster for the next couple of months.  Here is why food occupies so much of my thoughts...

In many European countries, babies and even toddlers sit backwards in their cars until they are two years old.  Our countries recommendation recently caught up to them (much to the chagrin of many toddler parents).

There is antifreeze in our shampoo and floor cleaners (anyone have any pets that lick the floor???),  MSG is added to foods as a preservative, but has also been proven in unconventional research to be very addictive and otherwise problematic.  We eat genentically modified foods that have no research done to prove their safety (and I can vouch personally for some of the havoc GMO's raise) that other starving nations refuse to allow in their own countries instead of risking their own food supply/sources; food coloring, including Red 40, Yellow 6 and Caramel color are completely banned in the UK and Astralia, New Zealand and Japan.

Tonight, a new study was released that pushed the envelope of what we are willing to tolerate.  It wasn't about arsenic in our chicken, or the inhumane way our eggs are produced.

It was about apple juice. 

It was about the ARSENIC level in DOMESTICALLY
produced apple juice.

Arsenic is a human carcinogin, or cancer causer (not "linked to" but actually acknowledged by our government as a CAUSE).  It kills mice, its found in cigarettes and tobacco products and the apple juice we give to our very young and many times, our very sick.

The end results of the study are some what inconclusive and leave you wanting more.  The generally published information says this:  "Arsenic levels in the urine of men and women (full grown adults) who were willing to report their food and drink consumption for 24 hours had 20% levels of total arsenic than those who did not drink it."


In full grown adults, not pint size tots who consume large quantities of apple juice, especially when they don't feel good and need to be enticed to replenish their fluid levels in a dye free way.

No one is saying anything besides more research needs to be done. And that you should think about reducing your exposure, tots under 6 months should AVOID JUICE ALTOGHETHER, and that children under the age of 6 years should consume no more than FOUR TO SIX OUNCES PER DAY.  That is one sippy cup, people. 

WHO is going to do this research???? 

No one.  Know why?  No one stands to benefit financially from it.  But you and the young and old and the susceptible in your life WILL be harmed by it.

Change it.

Make a stink.  People dragged Dr. Oz into the ground when he brought it up because he stood alone.

Don't let the unconventional voice stand alone.  Tell some one you don't like it.  Bring it up.  Make a noise!  Talk to your freinds and family. 


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