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Monday, September 27, 2010


Cellulite. Cottage Cheese. Orange peel. Hail Damage. There are a lot of different names out there for it.
Cellulite is a very confusing topic.

It befuddles most of us and can affect women, men and even children. And if you are willing to buy it, there is a cream willing to try to cure it, a treatment to pulverize it, or a drink that claims it can flush it away.

Unfortunately, none of those treatments will ever work, or are at best, a very temporary solution. Cellulite, in all of its glorious, dimply wonder, has a two part make up. Genetics (just like stretch marks) and lifestyle; good genes and bad genes are unchangeable, so let’s look at lifestyle.

The lifestyle that leads to cellulite is the same lifestyle that leads us to be overweight, and carry a little (or a lot) of extra weight, mostly in the derriere region. That is exactly what cellulite is: extra weight and basic calorie storage in our fat cells.

All humans are born with the same number of fat cells that they will carry through out life, and those cells, in this case, are stored between the muscle layer and the skin. The number never changes, but the size can. The cell can shrink and grow as it is depleted or filled, and then the structure around the cell has to adapt. So the extra calories that are eaten can be stored in those fat cells, and the fat cells then grow to accommodate the need for storage.
As those cells grow and grow and…grow, the ligaments and tendons that attach the skin to the muscle become very tight and pull the skin in towards the muscle, creating the dreaded dimple. As this happens over and over again, the cellulite continues to spread from one dimple, to two, to three until an orange peel like texture covers the entire bottom of your, well, bottom.

Want to make it go away? Cellulite is stubborn, but not impossible to remove. But it takes more than a cream or treatment to make it go away. Stopping cellulite means staying with in your daily calorie budget, just like balancing a checkbook, and burning extra calories through out the day. Removing cellulite means adding weight training into your workout routine, because weight training increases your calorie burn even when you are just watching TV. Removing cellulite means workouts in the top end of your Target Heart Rate for at least 45 minutes, at least four days per week.

Cellulite is usually the last place that calories are removed, and depending on your genes, will likely never go away completely. But exercise, and decreasing calorie intake, will improve the cottage cheese condition dramatically!!

Not sure about your Target Heart Rate? Check back on Wednesday for a full description on yours. And check out the Fitness Section for workouts that will help you move more and fill fewer fat cells!

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