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Monday, September 20, 2010

Air Filters

It’s that time of year...

When leaves change,

football starts,

and nights can…freeze.

And windows close.

With closed windows around the house, dust from dirt roads and flower beds doesn’t come inside in quite the same quantities, but air tight seals make us miss the fresh air. And while those air tight seals help save on utility bills, they also provide a good reason for what can be very expensive air purifiers.

Looking for a hardworking, pretty air filter that won’t break down or break the bank? Consider a few house plants! They just take a little water, a little sun, and not much else (unless you talk to them regularly)! House plants are very hard working filters that can counter act off gassing of new construction (or just new furniture, carpets or paint), and help balance the humidity level inside your home. In order to be effective, you need about 1 plant per 10 square feet of living space.

These are recommended by Allen Berman in Your Naturally Healthy Home.
-Boston Fern
-English Ivy
-Rubber Plant
-Weeping Fig

These plants are recommended by Ms. Martha Stewart herself.
-Spider Plants
-Peace Lilly
-Chinese Evergreen
-Golden Pothos
-Dracaena Deremensis (or Corn Plant)

Don’t forget to help the little guys out and change your furnace filter once a month!

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