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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Exercise and Pregnancy: Flexability

This is the fifth and final post in a series. The series is dedicated to exercising while pregnant, and there is a lot to know, so keep reading! Not pregnant? Share this series with someone who might be. But I warn you, if you are sharing this with your pregnant wife, TREAD CAREFULLY (she may take it the wrong way)!

Due to the constantly changing pregnant body, muscles can easily become tight and sore. Stretching can reduce the tightness and soreness, especially low back discomfort, alleviate lower leg cramping and help maintain correct posture and alignment. Stretch every day. Here are some pointers to help with your stretches:
· Do not point your toes during a stretch-it can cause intense foot cramping!
· Hold each stretch for 30 seconds or more…it takes time for the muscle to relax
· Avoid bouncing or forcing a stretch
· Discontinue any stretch that feels uncomfortable or painful
· Flexibility exercises can be done every day to prevent or lessen discomforts.
· The best time to stretch is when muscles are already warm (after a workout, warm shower or using a heating pad).

Try out a pre-natal yoga class. Don't have any in your area? Speak with the instructor of a regular class and ask if they are able to modify the class so you can participate. Otherwise, checkout videos from the local library until you find one you like. Then buy at at your first convinience!

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