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Thursday, June 17, 2010

10 Healthy Choices for a Healthy Week

This is a really long list of new healthy behaviors to try in one week. Pick out one or two and try them out (don’t let the entire list overwhelm you!).

1. Try the farmer’s market this weekend. Most of the farmers are happy to chat with you about how their products were grown or produced. You are about to eat it, you might as well find out all you can.

2. Pick out a new veggie you haven’t tried before (swiss chard, spinach, broccoli rabe and asparagus are good in-season veggies to try), and if you get it from the farmer’s market, ask the farmer for ideas on how to prepare it.

3. Get ready for the book giveaway here on Monday! Everyone who leaves a comment will be eligible to win a copy of Robyn O’Brien’s book, The Unhealthy Truth!

4. Take 5 minutes to do nothing. Turn off the radio, TV, phone and everything else. Just sit and see what happens. Notice if it was difficult, easy, irritating or you fell asleep.

5. Using beans or veggies from a can for dinner tonight? Rinse them off before you warm them up. Rinsing them will drastically reduce the amount of sodium you eat with your dinner!

6.Using margarine on a regular basis? Make the switch to butter without any hydrogenated oils. Read the ingredient list to be sure of what you are getting.

7. Set a goal less than five hours of extra curricular screen time this week. Computer time for work doesn’t count, but at home, just for one week, try to watch less that 5 hours of movies, TV or sit in front of the computer.

8. Using a natural disinfectant, clean the phone, door knobs and any other surfaces you don’t regularly clean. Spring cleaning accomplished!

9. Check you urine output to see if you need more water. Adjust accordingly!

10. Plan a fun event and give yourself something to look forward to tonight, tomorrow or later in the week. Include your favorite person or pet.


Kim said...

When I used to lead kids on hikes, our mantra was Clear and Copious! We never provided ice because people are more likely to drink larger amounts of water if it is NOT iced. Ice water is just too cold for most people!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas. Keep them coming. I'm trying to incorporate a few new things a week as you suggest. Eating Kale in a beans and greens soup is a great way I am getting iron and calcium - have to drive a little farther to find it organically grown but worth the trip.