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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tracking Your Workouts.

Working out has a lot of challenges. Most of which come from within us. I’m tired. I donwannna. I have too much other stuff to do today. It’s raining. Idonwanna!

Here is a great motivator for days when you have even the best excuses (and we always do!). Try using a fitness log to track your goals, progress and success. Write your goals (and reward!) down at the top of a calendar and set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Track them out on the calendar, and then at the end of the month, reward yourself for your success (and only success).

For example, set a goal of working out 3 days a week, for 45 minutes, every week this month. Then, mark out the days you work out on your calendar. This is where it gets to be really handy. If it is Wednesday and you still haven’t worked out at all this week, you KNOW you need to work out Thursday, Friday and Saturday to meet your goal. Or that blank calendar will be staring at you, for the rest of the week!

You can use something as simple as the paper calendar that you schedule your entire family on (now that is some serious accountability, when the whole fam can see it!), or check out or Both have great training logs that are very useful.

Do you have a handy way that you stay on track? Share it here, and help the rest of us! :)

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