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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exercise and Pregnancy; the Two Do Go Together! What You Need To Know

This will be the first post in a series, every Wednesday. The series is dedicated to exercising while pregnant, and there is a lot to know, so keep reading! Not pregnant? Share this series with someone who might be. But I warn you, if you are sharing this with your pregnant wife, TREAD CAREFULLY (she may take it the wrong way)!

Here are the benefits of exercising while you are pregnant:

-Women who continue to exercise throughout pregnancy had a higher incidence of uncomplicated, spontaneous delivery and their length of labor was shorter than those that did not exercise by nearly one third (spontaneous=NOT INDUCED with medicine/drugs!).

-Exercising during pregnancy provides greater energy reserves and enables mammas to cope more easily with everyday tasks of living.

-Staying stretched and flexible reduces back discomfort, muscular tension and leg cramping. It also helps to maintain good posture and assists with labor positions.

-Women who exercise throughout their pregnancy gain, on average, 8 pounds less than women who do not exercise (translation: less to lose! wahoo!).

-Exercise helps to keep the digestive system regular and aids in avoidance of hemorrhoids.

-Babies of women who exercise throughout the pregnancy are less stressed during the delivery process.

-Women who do not exercise during their pregnancy retain 3 times more pregnancy weight then those who do exercise.
-Moms who exercise re-gain, on average, 85% of their pre pregnancy abdominal tone, while non exercisers only gain 48%.
-Exercise helps reduce swelling!

-Moms are better able to meet the demands of motherhood when they feel fit and healthy.

Convinced that exercise during pregnancy is a healthy choice? Great! Tune in next week and find out what is safe and what isn't!

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