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Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Healthy Choices for a Healthy Week

1. Add 10 more minutes of physical activity to your day today.

2. Delay one unhealthy craving for 10 minutes, weather its tobacco or an extra Oreo.

3. Check out sodium benzoate. Read the labels of everything you eat or drink today, and find out how much you are consuming, if any. Then check out it’s definition here. It's actually used a lot here in the U.S., but not at all in the U.K.

4. Find, take or purchase a picture that makes you think of happiness. Need some inspiration? Check this out!

5. Take a stretch break with your eyes. Every hour that you are on the computer, spend 2-3 minutes looking around the room, or at least 20 feet away. This will “stretch” your eyes and help keep them healthy.

6. Find a DEET free bug spray.

7. Recycle something you normally wouldn’t take the time to recycle.

8. Think about your shoes. Do you have ankle, knee, hip or back pain? How old are your tennis shoes? They may be the culprit. Tennis shoes/workout shoes should be replaced every 500 miles. How far have yours gone? If they are still in good shape, donate them to an organization the puts shoes on feet around the world.

9. Replace your contacts with your glasses early today and let your eyes breathe.

10. Pull your belly button in!

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