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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When is Enough, Enough?

You're dedicated, devoted to your reusable water bottle. You fill, drink, down, swoosh, slosh, pee and goodness gracious, you repeat, repeat, repeat! You know that water is an essential part of daily life, necessary for thought, nerve impulses, digestion and elimination. But how much is enough already?!?

You know you have consumed enough liquid when:

a. Your urine is the color of road paint.

b. Your urine is the color of light lemonade.

c. You urine is the clear.

Leave a comment with your guess and check back on Friday for the answer!


Kayla said...

C! When your urine is clear!

Angie K said...

I always though it was clear, however there was some research recently that showed reaching light lemonade is still well hydrated. What do you think?

Deandra said...

light lemonade