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Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Tips That You Can Do Today to Improve Your Health

-Change your toothbrush: good dental health helps keep inflammation down, decreasing your risk for a heart attack. And, the American Dental Association reports that toothbrushes are less effective at removing plaque after about three months. So switch that old ratty one in for a new model! Plus, getting a new toothbrush is another way to get rid of winter time cold and flu germs. Just make sure you store the new tooth brush in an enclosed space away from the flushing toilet.

-Open the windows and change out the furnace filter to banish cold and flu germs.

-Drink an extra glass of water. Even if you only drink one a day, the more the better. So add one extra glass of water today to boost your immune system, increase your digestion and help with elimination.

-Prime time T.V. calling out your name? Hold the plank pose while the commercials are on, or do 10 crunches or 5 push ups every time The Bachelor kisses someone.

-Try a natural beauty tool from a kitchen staple. Remove eye makeup and moisturize at the same time by dipping a cotton ball in extra virgin olive oil and swiping across the eyes. Relax a moment afterwards by placing a steaming wash cloth across over them. You will be ready for a rejuvenating night of deep slumber.

-Take the olive oil trick further by mixing it with Castor oil for a natural, dirt busting, acne reducing, scar healing face wash. A half and half mixture can be rubbed all over your face for about a minute, then lay a steaming wash cloth over your entire face. Repeat the steaming wash cloth trick. You will love how soft, young and blemish free your skin matter your age or gender.

-Replace your work clothes with your work out clothes when you walk in the door. You are much more likely to get that after dinner workout in if you are already dressed and ready to go.

-Chop and package snack size produce the same day you get home from the grocery store (try it with a glass of wine and a book on tape or while you are watching your favorite'll never know where the time went). You will have handy snack packs that beat the heck out of the 100 calorie pre packaged nutrient devoid snack packs at the store.
Just one change can make a big difference in your life. You get to choose which one!


Kayla said...

Thanks for all the great tips! I am so thankful for that reminder of drinking one extra glass of water a day. I can't figure out why it is so challenging for me to drink water let alone any beverage throughout the day. I'm also super glad you shared about the oil cleansing face wash! I have loved it since the first day and I can TOTALLY tell a difference in my skin. I really hope your other readers try it out. These are great tips! I'm LOVING the website! You are doing an awesome job!

Anne said...

Good idea on the adding the plank to during commercials. The blog's really coming along. Enjoying reading your tips.